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Thank you for choosing Journey for your Massage, Therapeutic Yoga & Reiki experience. We believe wellness to include your whole being: Mind, Body & Spirit.

As a client here, you will receive a unique and caring experience. From the perspective of wholeness we offer you the following services to support your journey. 

Kendra Busby [Massage] (765) 969-3793

Janell Foust [Reiki] (765) 960-5069

We love the personal approach! Please book by phone.

As we care for ourselves, we become aware of and desire to care for the world around us.

Thai Yoga Massage

Shoulder Treatment

This session invites the client to remain dressed in comfortable clothing. As you relax into your breath, your body will be guided through a flowing series of  movements to open and reconnect you from toe to head.


Thai Yoga Massage stretches & opens the body allowing more direct release of muscular and joint tension as well as increase the flow of energy. Postures will be provided to clients to practice at home for continued progress in re-balancing & opening the body.


75min $80

90min $100

Call to book: 765-969-3793

Intuitive Integrative Massage


(Deep Tissue , Myofascial & Energy techniques)

As the practitioner,  I work with your muscles, connective tissues & fascia to release stress & tension, while you focus on slow relaxing breaths. By tapping into energetics of the body, we are able to release blockages from the physical, mental, and emotional layers. Communication with you during our session will help get closer to the source of different ailments, issues & stressors.


30min $45

60min $80

90min $120

Call to book: 765-969-3793

Semi/ Private Yoga or Barre

Stretching on Yoga Mat

Enjoy a Semi/ Private Yoga or Barre session solo or with a small group of friends. Make your next party or gathering unique!

We can host you in studio or in your space in the style of yoga you request or a lively Barre class. Cost determined by length of class, place and group size.

Call to book: 765-969-3793

Therapeutic Yoga


As your practitioner, I create a sequence of therapeutic yoga postures and breathing techniques to specifically address your area(s) of concern. We will have the opportunity to work together on a regular basis to gain flexibility, range of motion (ROM), balance & strength. 

This is a creative fun session, but also be ready to do the work! 


1 Session (45/50min) $65 includes home"play" postures

1 month- $290 (1x wk) includes communication, home”play” postures, 5 studio classes

3 month* $820 (1x wk) includes communication, home”play” postures, 10 studio classes

Call to book: 765-969-3793


Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a gentle form of vibrational healing involving a light laying on of hands. Reiki supports your well-being & strengthens your natural ability to heal encouraging balance on every level- physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Reiki is effective for relaxation, pain management, reduced anxiety, reduced depression & stress, and greater clarity.

In a Reiki session the practitioner places hands lightly on (or above) the body of the clothed client who reclines or sits comfortably. As the recipient, you may feel warmth, gentle vibrations or complete relaxation; all with extended benefits of improved sleep.

30min $35

60min $65

Call to book: Janell Foust- 765-960-5069



Reduces chronic pain, releases muscle spasms & fascial adhesions, and draws stagnant blood from deep in the tissues; activating the body’s natural healing response. This modality can be included in intuitive Integrative Massage sessions.


30min. Cupping only $45

In Massage session, Massage rates apply.

Call to book: 765-969-3793