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Welcome to your Journey

Journey Yoga Studio provides a safe, welcoming environment for all individuals to experience the true benefits of a Yoga practice & Embrace a unique Barre class.

We desire to work with individuals listening to the call for a deeper connection. People with open minds willing to listen & explore new awareness's of body, mind & spirit; those with questions seeking answers. These answers may come through the physical practice of postures & breath work, the teachings we offer during group classes or more focused topics in our workshops & series. Our diverse community of practitioners are continually discovering the personal benefits Yoga  & Barre bring to their lives.

Join us for in studio class today. Take some intentional steps on your journey by

pre-registering for a class or booking any of our Wellness Services.

Our teachers meet you right where you are to begin your practice today! We have classes for all levels of Yoga  & Barre experience


Our Mission Our Vision

Our Mission is Simple

Journey Yoga Studio and wellness center is a safe space for you to explore all aspects of the Self, experience your expansive potential and embody the lifestyle you truly seek.


We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each person who chooses to discover that within our community.

Our Vision is Expansive

Our community of yoga practitioners offer compassion, knowledge, and guidance through classical yoga on & off the mat. As our yoga practice grows, the light and compassion we use to see ourselves naturally expands to include all beings as well as Mother Nature.

We envision a world in which all life is honored and respected. To do this the work begins at home. Cultivating peace & space within, sends a ripple of love out into the world. Together we bring about positive change.

This is our passion. This is our mission.

Welcome, we look forward to your journey with us!

Meet Kendra

Owner of Journey Yoga Studio,
200E-RYT/ 500 RYT, Massage Therapist

I am grateful for the inspiration & evolution that is Journey Yoga Studio!

My passion is to support others as they attune to & align their own body, mind, and spirit. By listening to the subtleties, we are better able to discover ourselves from the inside out. This mindset is embodied in the way I share yoga. Learning to trust our inner knowing can support our growth in infinite directions. Expansion is a beautiful thing!


I blend my knowledge of Athletic Training (BA), Massage Therapy (+15yrs), Energy Therapy (+5yrs) and Yoga (200 E-RYT/ 500 RYT, 7yrs) together to create empowering therapeutic sessions with my clients.

I am the mother to a beautiful girl who fills my heart with love, compassion and reminds me to laugh a lot!


I look forward to being a part of your journey!


Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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