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We love the opportunity to be in our practice among the beauty and stillness of Mother Nature.

Our Nature Retreats of varying lengths allow us time to attune to the natural rhythms of the world and ourselves. Join us as you breathe in fresh air, feel the ground beneath your feet and come into harmony with life all around.

Meditating in Nature

Connect Within...

A Women's Nature & Yoga Retreat

June 17-19, 2022

Hope Springs Retreat Center

Disconnect from the busyness of life and reconnect with yourself. Offering time in nature, movement, meditation and activities to assist you on your journey to reset and tune into your inner guidance.

Shared room (2ppl)/ shared bath $550 each

SOLD OUT- Single room/ shared bath $600

Deposit $125 (non-refundable, subtracted from total)


Kendra Busby- Journey Yoga Studio, IN

Kristin Bitonte- Grace Tree Yoga Studio, OH

June 17th - Arrival at 4pm 

June 19th - Departure after lunch (around Noon)


During this retreat you will find time to connect with yourself and others in a safe and supported environment.  Sunrise meditations along with asana practices will be provided each day to balance both movement with breath and cultivating stillness.  There will be some time in silence to take a deeper exploration within and foster mindfulness.  Our time together will include fireside practices to further encourage and support you. Enjoy time on your own to explore the land, sit peacefully in rocking chairs, lay on the earth to gaze at the sky, or whatever you are called towards during this time.  You'll also enjoy nourishment of farm to table food provided by Hope Springs amazing culinary team.  Kendra & Kristen will be your guides to support you on this beautiful journey of connecting within.  

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