Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves.

- David Thoreau


Take The Journey

Journey Yoga Studio provides a safe, welcoming environment for all individuals to experience the true benefits of a Yoga practice & Embrace a unique Barre class.

We desire to work with individuals listening to the call for a deeper connection. People with open minds willing to listen & explore new awareness's of body, mind & spirit; those with questions seeking answers.

Our teachers will meet you right where you are to begin your practice today! We have classes for all levels of yoga experience. 


Class Pricing Yoga & Barre

New Student 1st Month $55

Full Time Students $40 (5 Pass)

Single Class $11

5 Class $50

10 Class $90

Barre monthly $90

All Access Monthly $99

FAQ for First Time Students

What class should I take?

We invite you to look over the desription of our classes to help you decide. But we also encourage you to try a range of classes, lifestyle workshops, and healing modalities. We know that your journey is a unique path for you. Therefore, the more you familiarize yourself with our offerings, the more empowered you will become in your life.

What should I wear?

You do not need any special clothes to practice yoga asana. Comfort is above all. We also suggest clothing that does not constrain your movement is both comfortable and safe. If you easily feel cold or hot, perhaps adding layers is a great option. For most classes, we invite you to go barefoot on the mat so that you can get good traction and feel grounded. ** Aerial Yoga ** please NO jewelry, zippers, or hooks that may snag the hammocks. Thank you.

What should I bring?

Mostly just yourself and an openness to a new experience. It is recommended to bring your own mat and we also rent cleaned ones for $1 per class. Shoes go in the cubbies and we will lock your personal belongings in a side room during class. Ideally, you will be fully present to your experience and can leave your phone with your belongings. We know how life happens, and so if you need to bring a phone into the stuido, please turn off the ringer. For most classes, a water bottle is not necessary and if needed, we sell bottled water.

What about eating before yoga?

It is recommended in yoga to have an empty stomach at least two hours before your practice. This is due to the way that the poses massage your intestinal area and therefore it is more comfortable to have an empty belly.

When should I arrive?

On your first visit, plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete the necessary intake paperwork, meet your teacher and familiarize yourself with our studio. After your first visit, arriving 5-10 minutes in advance gives you time to sign in, set up your mat, greet your community members/friends, and settle into a mindful space for the practice.

Do I have to be flexible to practice yoga asana?

A yoga asana practice is designed to help every body build strength, balance, and flexibility starting right where you are. You are your own most important teacher! You alone expeirnce what is going on inside and it is highly encouraged to listen to your obdy.

Our experienced teachers give options for poses because they understand that every body is different and functions in a slightly different way. We invite you to work with the expression of a posture that serves you the best.
Yoga classes can also include breathing practices and meditation. These demand a different type of flexibility and opennes, and just as with asana (the postures), they will take on a new dimnesion in your journey and feel easier with time.

I have an injury or medical condition. Is it safe for me to practice yoga?

Yoga is often used to support healing form injuries, reduce chronic pain and systems caused by stress. It is also beneficial for strengthening new tasks like childbirth. But some postures may be counter-indicated or your condition. Therefore we ask that you fill out a form before your practice to help us address and meet your unique needs. If we know that a posture is not recommended for your condition, we want to inform you and propse a safer alternative. Our experienced staff understands this need and are capable of addressing your concerns. Only you inhabit your body, and we encourage you to trust your intuition. In fact, you may find that yoga helps you grow trust in that too. As always, please consult with your doctor prior to joining a class to ensure it is appropriate for your current condition.