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Emily Jasenski

Hello, I'm Emily Jasenski, I am Certified Clinical Homeopath and Certified Medical Thermographer with a love and passion for reconnecting people back to their bodies. Do I love natural medicine? Absolutely, but what I love the most about alternative medicine it is that it brings us back into our own natural state of being. I reconnects us to who we really are. 

Emily will be offering Sessions here at Journey Yoga Studio in Richmond on the

1st Monday of the month

Click Crescent Center or call 937-417-3208


Homeopathy is safe and effect natural medicine that can help a variety of issues both physical, mental and emotional. Emily will take her time asking you a series of questions so she can better understand your current chief complaint.


In homeopathy symptoms are the guide to the right remedy. Once the right remedy has been chosen then you will be instructed on where/how to purchase, which an be done easily, even on Amazon. If you already have the remedy then great! No purchase necessary.


30 Minute - $35

1 Hour - $65

*Each Session Includes a

Post-Session Follow Up Call

Bottles of Homeopathy Globules

Medical Thermography is a non-invasive, zero radiation preventative tool that uses top of the line infrared technology to measure and monitor temperature changes in the body. Through temperature change (hot and cold patterns) inflammation, blood flow, circulation and nerve health can be detected and measured. Scans are read by board certified Physician's in the field of Medical Thermography.


*Medical Thermography is excellent for monitoring your health including breast health. 

Medical Thermography

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