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As of September 1, 2020, Journey Yoga Studio has been a part of the Richmond's Historic Depot District & the community for 5 years.

We offer yoga classes, workshops & events suitable for students ranging from beginners to advanced. This year Journey Yoga Studio added Barre classes by Barre Embrace to our variety of offerings.

Embracing our evolution, over the past year, we are integrating all we have learned to provide services even more in alignment with who we are becoming as individuals & as a collective.


Our qualified staff of Nationally Registered Yoga Teachers provides the highest quality in-class instruction found in the Richmond area. Join us for a class or choose one of our affordable packages to start your Yoga Journey today!

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

–The Bhagavad Gita


Upcoming Workshops

Fun ways to dive deeper into topics you love

We have a few workshops on the horizon...

All reservations for these workshops can can be made by clicking the button to Begin your Journey Today!

Mindful Morning 11/7/20 - Discover tools to create a better morning! by learning what supports your life you can create a day that has you excited to get out of bed every morning.

Introduction to the Chakras 12/6/20 - Learn this fascinating energy system and how it effects you individually. what are Chakras? Are mine balanced? How can I integrate this knowledge into my daily life?

Introduction to Crystal Energy January 2021 - Curious about the energy of crystals? these beautiful stones come from Mother Earth each having their own unique qualities. Find out what you are attracted to and why? 

Restoration through the Breath January 2021- This 4 week Series will guide you from the beginning through different breath (Pranayama) techniques.. How they are practiced, the positive effects on your body mind & spirit and how to integrate them for a richer experience of life.

Private Group Sessions now available

We are expanding ways to grow your practices...

Private Group Sessions are now available as a way to continue your practice in a fun safe way. 

We are hosting individuals or small groups in the style of class you choose at the time you choose. The teacher will provided guidance to support your practice in a heartfelt space through personalized conversation in these private sessions.

To reserve space for your group call 765-969-3793

Journey Now Online

Watch recorded live classes via our YouTube Channel

2020 has brought about a variety of changes to the way we are all living our lives. Amidst these changes we still wanted Yoga to be accessible to you when and where you choose for the relief of physical, mental & emotional stresses. So Journey Yoga on YouTube was created in March of 2020.

On YouTube, or through the link here on our site, you will have access to free and paid classes. We hope you will enjoy this yoga experience from home or on the go!

Come Fly with us in Aerial Yoga

Book a Class or Private Group

Journey Yoga is offering Aerial yoga!!

This class is fun & playful as well as challenging. Together we will work on core & upper body strength, inversions to elongate the spine, gain trust in yourself through a variety of postures in and out of the hammocks. 

5 Spaces available each week. Book your hammock on Schedulicity.com or call 765-969-3793.

2019 Yoga at the Richmond Farmer's Market!

9-10am 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd Saturdays May, June, July

Join Journey Yoga for our 3rd summer of Yoga at the Richmond Farmer's Market!

Bring your mat, your friends or your kids for some fun yoga at Elstro Plaza.

This year we are excited to offer a mix of styles and teachers. Join Kendra, Susan & Wesley for your Saturday morning yoga this summer.


Elstro Plaza


$5 Suggested Donation per class

Mats will be available

* weather permitting, cancelled if raining at the time of class.

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Frequently asked questions

What class should I take?

We invite you to look over the description of our classes to help you decide. But we also encourage you to try a range of classes and styles. We all need different yoga practices at different times to promote health and healing. The more you familiarize yourself with a variety of classes and teachers, the more you will be empowered to select the class that helps bring you the balance you need on a particular day or week or at a particular season or period of your life.

What should I wear?

You don’t need special clothes to practice yoga — comfort above all! Clothing that doesn’t constrain you for movement such as a t-shirt and sweatpants or leggings is both comfortable and safe. If you easily feel hot or cold, it can help to come in with an extra layer to remove or to add on as needed. In a more active class, consider wearing a shirt that won’t ride up when you bend over. For most classes, we invite you to go barefoot on the yoga mat so that you can get good traction and ground feel. ** Aerial Yoga** Please NO jewelry, zippers, hooks that may snag hammocks. Thank you

What should I bring?

Mostly just yourself and openness to a new experience. If you bring your own mat, great. For $1.00, we also rent mats that we clean after each use. Shoes go in the cubbies, and we will lock your personal belongings in a side room during class. Ideally, you will be fully present to your experience and can leave your phone with your belongings, but we know how life happens, and if you need to bring a phone into the studio, please turn off the sound. We provide yoga straps, blocks, bolsters, eye pillows, Kleenex, mat cleaner and cloths, and a few other things. For most classes, a water bottle isn't necessary. If needed, we sell bottled water from the fridge for $.50.

Anything helpful to know about eating before yoga?

People usually feel most comfortable practicing on an empty stomach. We suggest not eating for at least 1-2 hours before class.

When should I arrive?

On your first visit, plan to arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete paperwork, meet the teacher, and familiarize yourself with the studio. Otherwise, arriving 5-10 minutes in advance gives you time to sign in, set up your mat, greet friends, and settle into a mindful space for practice.

I’m not flexible. What does this mean for doing yoga?

A yoga practice with physical postures is designed to help anyone build strength, balance, and flexibility, starting right where they are. You are your own most important teacher! You alone experience what is going on inside. Teachers may give options for some poses because they understand that every body is different. We invite you to work with the expression of a posture that serves you best or to brainstorm with your teacher about what that expression might be. Yoga classes can also include breathing exercises and meditation. These demand a different kind of flexibility and openness, and just as with postures, they will take on new dimensions or feel easier with time.

I have a trick knee (heart condition, child-on-the-way, back pain, etc.). Is it safe for me to do yoga?

Yoga is often used to support healing from injuries, reducing the impact of chronic conditions, and strengthening for new tasks like childbirth. But some postures may be counter-indicated for your condition. We have you fill out a form before you practice with us to help us understand how to create the safest environment for you. If we know that a posture is counter-indicated, we want to inform you and when possible, propose a safer alternative. We also count on you to be your own teacher. If something doesn’t feel right or if a medical professional has told you that something isn’t right for you, please back off or try something different. Only you inhabit your body, and we encourage you to trust your intuition. In fact, you may find that yoga helps you grow in that trust. If something in your health situation changes at any point, please let us know so that we can support you where you are now!

I’m not comfortable with religious overtones or symbols or language. Will I have to deal with this? Or. . . Symbols of all kinds, chanting, and meditational words feel wonderfully spiritual to me!

Our teachers “teach from the heart.” That is, they share what is meaningful to them, and to do so, they draw on various traditions and writings, symbols, language, and even sounds. Because some styles of yoga developed out of specific philosophies and practices, teachers may integrate them and even refer to them in Sanskrit. You may be invited to chant “Om” or to participate in a meditation from a particular tradition. Not just ritual for its own sake, these practices have physical/mental components and health benefits. Just as with postures, we invite you to participate to the extent that you feel comfortable and to be mindful of where your own feelings toward a particular element may come from. Yoga itself is not a religion. And it is constantly evolving. We honor the fact that many yoga postures and types of breath work developed over the last 150 years in the framework of philosophies circulating in what is now India and that some philosophical and ethical aspects of yoga reflect strands of thought and understandings that emerged thousands of years ago in places far from there. We also recognize and respect the fact that new elements emerged in the US and around the worlds as teachers taught and improvised within a framework of Western bio-medicine and world views far removed from those of Southeast Asia. We neither play up the “mystique” that can come with unfamiliar symbols, chants, language, and even certain kinds of music, nor do we dismiss the power of sharing with you what we have come to find meaningful through our personal and collective practice and study of yoga. Above all, we honor that everyone has a unique way of exploring a connection to something bigger than themselves — God, a higher purpose, a spirit, an “ultimate reality.” We all journey to a destination unknown.

I’d like to come to yoga, but it costs too much. Help!

We have all lived through financial challenges. Money struggles often contribute to negative stress, making yoga all the more important for your health and wellbeing. Our new student option allows you to explore an unlimited number of classes at a reduced cost for a whole month. After that, payment options include an automatic monthly renewal by credit card to give you unlimited classes and passes that allow you to purchase multiple classes at a reduced rate per class. But maybe you just don’t have the money to pay up front to get these savings. If money is the one thing holding you back, please speak with us. We may not be able to offer you an endless number of free classes, but there may be opportunities to trade classes for work in the studio, and we have a house account for our teachers to dip into to subsidize students. We trust that if your situation takes an upswing or you are able to shift resources so as to pay through our usual options, you will let us know so that others in need can get a little boost up to practice yoga.

A few etiquette tips to help everyone feel safe and welcome

-We want you to feel part of our community and to get to know other students. A great place for doing a lot of talking is outside the practice room. It’s also fine talk in the room, but calm conversations in that space helps everyone settle in. -If you arrive late, please slip in with minimal disruption. -If you need to leave early, please inform the teacher in advance so that s/he doesn’t worry that you are sick or upset, or that something bad has happened. -Help us minimize dirt and germs by keeping shoes out of the practice rooms. -If there is something in the studio that you have questions about, that bothers you, or that just doesn’t feel right in some way, please let us know. We want to work together with you to foster a family-friendly, non-judgmental environment.


Journey is on the 4th floor of the Loft Building located in Richmond's Historic Depot District. We're easily accessed by elevator or stairway.


Journey Yoga Studio

424 North 10 Street

Richmond, Indiana

(765) 969-3793

EMAIL: JourneyYogaStudio@Gmail.com

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Journey clients are welcome to park in the Loft parking lot adjacent to our building or on the surrounding streets of the Historic Depot District.