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When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace.

Our Wellness Packages

Here at Journey Yoga Studio, we believe wellness to include your whole being of Mind, Body & Spirit. From the perspective of wholeness we offer you the following services to support you on your journey. These services are available individually or in bundles specifically for you!

  • Massage Therapy

  • Integrative Energy Therapy

  • Cupping

  • Reiki (Ray-key)

  • Private/ Semi-private Yoga Instruction

  • Nature Retreats

  • Local organic herbs, teas and skin care products by Lavender & Roses 

We love the personal approach!

Services are booked by phone
     Kendra Busby (765) 969-3793 & Janell Foust [Reiki] (765) 960-5069

As we care for ourselves, we become aware of and desire to care for the world around us.

Journey Yoga Studio is a beautiful place to take the next steps on your adventure- one step at a time or with a Wellness package


A powerful combination on the path to wellness!

This monthly offering invites you to begin with a therapeutic massage. A yoga session is then created based on observations during your massage. Ideally, these sessions will be scheduled within 1 week of each other. 

Clients will be provided tools to continue yoga at home or in studio classes. 

Face Massage
Meditating in Nature


We love the opportunity to be in our practice among the beauty and stillness of Mother Nature.


Our Nature Retreats of varying lengths allow us time to attune to the natural rhythms of the world and ourselves. Join us as we breathe in fresh air, feel the ground beneath you and harmonize with life all around.